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2010/09/16 - Visionbreaks producer Kallsen & Esperado participated in a remix-contest for the German artist Chezz.One & Damian. Their song is called 'War, ist, bleibt so' and is a dedication to HipHop. The winner remix will be put on their Vinyl 12" Release from which 500 copies will be made. Here are the results:

1.Donqui Shot www.myspace.com/donquishot
1.dude26 www.myspace.com/26instrumentals
3.ESPERADO www.myspace.com/visionbreaks
4.Reclords www.myspace.com/reclordsent
5.KALLSEN www.myspace.com/visionbreaks
6.BasmatiBeats www.myspace.com/basmatibeats

Chezz.One & Damian decided to put two remixes on their 12". (Unfortunately,) Esperado just went 3rd place after both contest winners. But being under the Top5 Visionbreaks got huge success with both of their remixes which will be released by Chezz.One & Damian on their free download area!
Peace & One Love - Esperado

2010/09/15 - Long time, no see! After Kallsen and I launched our new project Visionbreaks, we put our energy in doing a whole bunch of remixes, which are to be released as our first Remix-Album 'Mad Germans'. Meanwhile we were working on a follow up Remix-Album and we got a lot of new projects coming up as well. I'll keep you updated as fast as I can. Check out Twitter or Facebook 'Esperado' for two new events coming up at the end of September!!! Peace & One Love - Esperado

2010/07/27 - Esperado added a new project! Together with his partner in crime Kallsen, they form the new beatmaker-team Visionbreaks! Check out the Remixes in the new tab!

2010/07/27 - Esperado is online at Soundcloud - check out some new beats!

2010/07/20 - Discography & Booking Info updated!